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In today’s competitive world the first impression of a company is its website. You want your website to be an expression of your business without absorbing all of your marketing budgets. Let Web Design Heaven help you get there.

With all of the web design businesses available today, why should you choose Web Design Heaven? According to Nikos, Senior Project Manager, you should choose Web Design Heaven because “We love to help companies grow”.

We use the latest technology and industry secrets to advance your business website.

So put down the mouse and give us a call, your site will thank you!

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Web Design Heaven utilizes the latest technology and technique in every project! Here is what we can do for you.


We design and manage websites for small businesses and individuals. We’ve helped our clients to succeed. A professional web design is a key element in marketing your business and creating credibility with a potential customer. We will make sure that their first impression will make all the difference.


Utilizing the latest tools including HTML5/CSS3, to create modern, scalable, and high-performing front-end assets that work across multiple types of browsers and devices.


Your company’s social media objectives must convert clicks into revenue. We achieve that by using keyword research, trend monitoring and content analysis tools to produce channel-specific content for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.


We offer over 10 years of extensive experience on CMS platforms such as WordPress and Joomla. Skilled for website creation using Content Management System, data migration, backups, custom development, updates, security monitoring and more.


We give your business a strong competitive advantage in the search results by studying your website and create a custom SEO package that will meet your budget and needs!


We will get your website set up and ready to operate your online store. Storefront development, managing accounts and product presentation for your online store in a way that maximizes sales and gains new customers.

We are here to help

Maintenance & Support


Did you try another company because you thought they looked like a good deal? Has that good deal turned into a neglected website that has never been updated? We are here to help. We can take over your site that has been neglected or needs to have life brought back into it.

We update when it is necessary, not just once a month. We don’t charge extra to change a photo or make a new image blend on the site. We are a full-service company that doesn’t believe in the charging “a la carte” prices for website maintenance, we prefer the “buffet” price.

Your website is your number #1 marketing expense that is visible to 24/7, so don’t sell yourself short with bargain rate services.